I’m a newbie

Newbie, seeking Educators, Teachers, or Writers for my new site. This site will be a tool for my 7th grade writing students to interact on a blog. I will at first post topics for them to react to and maybe this activity will encourage them to have their own blog. I would however like to ask you out thier in Word Press to also play along. I don’t think I published it on FB yet, too new. How do I find friends/followers in Word Press based on my interests? Maybe you can help.

Caring for a Cause

Caring for a Cause


3 thoughts on “I’m a newbie

  1. […] I’m a newbie. And so, I really have no idea what I’m doing here. I’m sure my skill will get better. Any newbie welcome to my site, so we can learn together, ha! Welcome Teachers, Writers, Poets, Politicos & compassionate people play along. […]

    • monicazk says:

      Oh, just not sure how to reply yet. Hey Joe. Still trying to figure this out. I think I might need a tutorial. TTY soon. I should really learn before I get my students on.

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